Why Android Encryption?

Millions of people around the globe use and trust Android smartphones.

Since its release, the Android platform has never been sufficiently secure enough to store and communicate truly confidential data... Until now!

Based on Samsung's Knox defense-grade security platform, Phantom Secure has created a multi-layered encrypted Android device that guarantees your communications will remain secure and only accessible by other Phantom Secure clients.

Phantom Secure combines cutting-edge hardware with the most powerful security features available for a comprehensive privacy solution trusted by the world’s most security conscious professionals.

After years of research and development we are proud to deliver a truly secure experience on Android that provides our clients with uncompromised security with the latest hardware and technology.

Why Blackberry Encryption?

For more than 15 years Blackberry has been synonymous with mobile security.

BlackBerry has over 50 security certifications and approvals, more than any other mobile vendor including the only “Full Operational Capability” approval to run on U.S. Department of Defense networks.

Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, law firms, national defense departments and even the Oval Office trust Blackberry to secure their mobile communications.

The Secret Service won’t let President Barack Obama use an iPhone because it can't provide the same level of security as a BlackBerry.

Blackberry has integrated layers of security within its products, from software to hardware to infrastructure, enabling a true “end-to-end” security platform.

When it comes to true end-to-end security trusted by the world’s most powerful leaders, the choice is simple... a Phantom Encrypted Blackberry.