January 23, 2018
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With the highly anticipated PS3 release, we are proud to provide detailed information about the highlights and additions to PRIVE.


  • Auto-Wipe, even without DATA SIGNAL
  • Push to Talk Encrypted Voice Messaging with Scrambler. Send voice messages using our custom voice scrambler (Anonymize) that cannot be reconstructed back to your original voice.
  • Enable Ghost Mode on your account so no one other than your existing contacts know that you exist. Only they can communicate with you.
  • Burn, Regret Burn and Never Destruct, the messages, images or audio you send.
  • Send Encrypted Images using the camera that does not save data to the device
  • Generate New Encryption Keys by wiping and reactivating
  • Wipe and Reactivate while keeping your contact list. Each time you do this new keys will be generated on the device.
  • Duress Password that digital wipes data
  • Encrypted Notepad to store secure text.
    • Use Tags or Colours to better organize your memos
    • Select different layouts.
    • Share memos to chats or specific contacts
  • Group Chat done right
    • Owner controlled
    • Secure unique group created using a random ID to verify it
    • No burning of messages to ensure all members get ALL the messages in the CORRECT order
    • Any changes to the group you will be notified so there are no surprises
    • In order to participate in a group chat, you MUST trust/verify every member. The purpose is to give you the opportunity, to decide if you should join before sending any message.
    • Send Private Message that can only be seen by a single member of the group without leaving chat
  • Trust and Verify Contacts. Any changes to a contact or group will automatically prompt you to trust and verify – giving you the opportunity to confirm if the contact is who you think it is.
  • Security Level
    • When set to high, you will be prompted to verify passphrase in order to wipe Prive or stop a scheduled auto-wipe


  • Wallpaper. Add your own image or choose from a wide arrange of colours
  • Avatar. Select any image as your avatar taken by your camera
  • Bubble Opacity. Adjust text bubble opacity making them anywhere between transparent to solid
  • Bubble Colours. Choose a Bubble Colour for each of your contacts
  • Language. Select one of the Apps languages


  • The latest Android offerings implemented, creating an up-to-date User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).
  • Reply to messages
  • Batch Select messages with multiple options
  • Save Message(s) to memos while keeping senders information private
  • Save Images that are sent Never destruct. All other images cannot be saved
  • View All Media saved.
  • View All Media in each chat, under contact details
  • Attach images and contacts
  • Status Message where you can leave a message for all your contacts to see. Message will be seen in:
    • Chat
    • Contact list
    • Contact details
  • Block contacts
  • Share Contacts and create a common alias when sending, so the recipient can easily add to their contact list and can also change the alias to one desired.
  • Add Contacts easily by entering alias when entering.
  • Message Seen (Read) Option – allow others to know you read message
  • Message Sent Indicators
    • Sent with burn – Single orange checkmark
    • Sent with never destruct – Single grey checkmark
    • Sent & Delivered with never destruct - Double grey checkmarks
    • Sent & Delivered with burn – Double orange checkmarks
    • Read with never destruct – Grey eye
    • Read with burn – Orange eye
    • Clock - processing