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Phantom Secure Launches an Encrypted Android Phone
March 16, 2017
January 26, 2018
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With the highly anticipated PS3 release, we are proud to provide detailed information about the highlights and additions to PS Mail.


  • Generate new encryption keys on device
  • Register (publish) your public keys by choice
  • Trust and Verify contacts using key fingerprints
  • Message Status Receipts – delivery and seen (read) confirmations you can control.


  • The Latest Android Offerings Implemented, creating an up-to-date User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).
  • All Mail Folder as Primary Folder (consolidated view of your sent and received email)
  • All Messages Show Status
    •  Draft – Pen Icon
                Received Messages:
    • Unread - bold or highlighted text with blue timestamp
    • High Priority messages are prefixed with red “>>”
                Sent Messages:
    • Sent - Single checkmark
    • Delivered - Double grey checkmarks
    • Read (seen) – grey eye (if enabled on sender and receiver device)
  • Confirm Delivery
  • Android <> BB7 – Type in Subject: and you will receive a confirmation email as soon as the message is delivered
  • Android to Android – Double checkmarks represent sent and confirmed delivered


  • Dark and White Theme
  • Custom color (when using white theme)
  • Choose your own theme color from a wide variety of colours to choose from
  • Font size (message view and compose screen font size)
  • Threaded view (applies to Inbox only): combines messages from one conversation when enabled.
  • When disabled messages will come in individually.
  • Hide your email address from showing in the navigation drawer
  • Change your alias shown in PS Mail drawer by editing it in PS contact
  • Read Receipt (Optional and for Android and BB7)
    • You can request for and or provide read receipts
    • Grey eye icon means recipient has seen your message
    • In order for BB7 devices to provide read receipt they must go to Email Preferences and enable it or ask to be prompt each time.

  • Send with High Priority. Red >> means important message.
  • Set importance on Compose screen using the three dot menu > Set importance.
  • Multiple folders in drawer to organize your messages
  • Save and Star messages
  • Search and Sort messages with multiple filters to select from
  • Tap and Hold message to prompt multiple options
  • Batch Selection by swiping with multiple options
  • Tap Contact Avatar to Add or Edit
  • Easily Navigate between Email and Contacts
    • Tap your profile icon to navigate between messages and contacts
    • Compose Message from Contacts
  • PS Contacts
  • Email directly to a contact (Envelope icon)
  • Copy & Paste a contacts email
  • Attach a Contact and Compose an email automatically
  • Add contacts
  • Trust contacts by verifying their fingerprints
  • Compose Message
  • Address book to easily add multiple contacts.
  • Tap To, Cc and Bcc to prompt address book as well
  • Attach Contact(s)
  • Send email with High Importance
  • Quote text – show thread
  • Set importance (in three dot menu)