Built for Ultimate

Communication Security

PS Mail

Phantom Secure Mail is our PGP encrypted email app combining 4096-bit RSA keys with AES 256 encryption.

Our protocol verifies each email through the identification of unique fingerprints (keys) and generates new encryption keys on every device each time an email is sent. Our PGP encrypted emails have never been compromised.

Privé Chat

Available exclusively on Phantom Secure Android devices, Privé chat utilizes the most trusted Elliptical Curve Cryptography ECC 25519, AES-256, and HMAC-SHA256. Privé offers comprehensive secrecy design using a Double Ratchet Algorithm.

Safely chat with other Phantom Secure clients using this advanced encryption technology.


Lockbox is our proprietary encrypted memo pad app secured with AES-256 encryption that allows you to safely store memos, notes, contact cards, passwords, and more on your device.

Color code notes, add tags for quick navigation, and directly share your memos on Privé chat and PS Mail.

Lockbox enables you to keep critical data on your device that cannot be retrieved if your device is lost or taken from you.

Total Client Anonymity

To ensure your privacy, your purchase is kept completely anonymous. Total anonymity means that we will never ask our clients for any personal details. It is simply not required and defeats the purpose of what encrypted communication is all about.

We do not require any personal information nor do we maintain any records of your communications. Put simply, there is no data that anyone can access, including ourselves.

Unbreakable Encryption

Our encryption algorithm is Military-Grade and has been 100% secure for more than a decade. It has never been cracked, hacked or broken.

We use AES and ECC cyphers to generate unique encryption keys for each client and a one-time “session’ key with each message.

The result is an encrypted message that can only be read by your intended recipient.

Exclusively Closed-Loop

Clients who truly value their privacy and demand peace of mind settle for nothing less than our closed-loop service. This means that they can communicate only with other authorized parties over the Phantom Secure network.

This feature is the most important of our core security guidelines because it eliminates all potential threats from outsiders.

Unlimited International Roaming

Our unlimited international roaming packages provide automatic connectivity anywhere a 3G-network signal can be found.

No need to waste time and money buying additional devices or local SIM cards. Phantom Secure encrypted devices connect instantly to any local 3G-network.

We deliver the same uncompromised security anywhere you travel at no additional cost.

Private Offshore Servers

Our private servers are located in offshore regions, where privacy laws protect the anonymity of clients and encrypted communications.

We have strategically built our private server installations in regions that hold no treaties with foreign governments. This means that under law, no one can seize our private servers or disrupt our service. This key feature of the Phantom Secure global infrastructure guarantees protection from potential government threats.

Digital Shredding

Our servers automatically shred all trace of your encrypted message once it has been sent to the recipient’s device. Unlike a typical server, which stores a copy of each communication indefinitely, Phantom Secure servers simply relay the message without copying or storing anything.

You can feel certain that no trace of any message you send exists anywhere except on your own and your recipient’s device.

Multiple Secure Servers

While the competition tries to cut costs by centralizing servers to one location with the cheapest overhead, we pride ourselves on providing multiple back-up servers.

Frequent service disruptions are the most common reason that many clients switch to us after a disappointing experience with other providers.

If one of our servers is goes offline, another server immediately replaces it to ensure that our clients can always communicate uninterrupted.

Remote Data Wipe

If your device is lost, stolen or wrongfully confiscated, simply contact our 24-hour Technical Support to order an instant remote data wipe. Wherever your device may be, all data will be instantly deleted including messages, notes, files, contacts, accounts and settings.

Your Phantom Secure encrypted messaging service will also be deactivated permanently.

24-hour Global Support

If you ever experience technical issues with your device, contact us immediately for 24-hour support. We understand that in business, timing is crucial and technical issues need to be resolved immediately.

When you join our premium service you get around the clock support.