PRIVE Chat App Icon

Available exclusively on Phantom Secure Android devices, Privé chat utilizes the most trusted Elliptical Curve Cryptography ECC 25519, AES-256, and HMAC-SHA256. Privé offers comprehensive secrecy design using a Double Ratchet Algorithm.

Safely chat with other Phantom Secure clients using this advanced encryption technology.


  • Group Chat
  • Screenshots Disabled
  • Ability to Send Images
  • Ability to Block Contacts
  • Sent and Delivery Confirmation
PS Mail App Icon
Phantom Secure Mail is our PGP encrypted email app combining 4096-bit RSA keys with AES 256 encryption.

Our protocol verifies each email through the identification of unique fingerprints (keys) and generates new encryption keys on every device each time an email is sent. Our PGP encrypted emails have never been compromised.

Backwards compatible with PGP on BB7
Lockbox App Icon
Lockbox is our proprietary encrypted memo pad app secured with AES-256 encryption that allows you to safely store memos, notes, contact cards, passwords, and more on your device.
Color code notes, add tags for quick navigation, and directly share your memos on Privé chat and PS Mail.

Lockbox enables you to keep critical data on your device that cannot be retrieved if your device is lost or taken from you.
PS Keys icon
PS Keys is a comprehensive integrated encryption key security management application.

Generate 4096 bit PGP and  AES-256 encryption keys for all your contacts. Generate keys at will and use advanced contact verification to confirm each of your contacts.

PS Keys stores all your contacts, those saved here appear as you begin typing them as recipients in your PGP emails.