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May 7, 2015
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Open Loop VS Closed Loop Security

Open Vs Closed Loop Communication

After 10 years in the industry we have come to understand the major risks associated with open loop communications. The fact is there are many negligent individuals communicating with unsecured services that can compromise your security directly or indirectly on an open loop network.

At Phantom Encrypt we do not subject our clients’ privacy to risks associated with open loop services that claim to offer similar security but lack the necessary infrastructure, expertise technology and discipline to back-up their claims. We take the business of your privacy very seriously and won’t take any chances with our clients’ security. This is how we continue to be the most trusted encrypted telecommunication solutions provider worldwide year after year for over a decade.

By controlling the environment of our private closed loop network we can provide our clients with an unrivaled secure communication channel, developed and constantly updated by our team of leading experts in the field of data encryption, secure transmission and network security design.


If the possibility of risk exists, your communications are not safe. At Phantom Encrypt we do not take “possible” risks lightly. Your privacy is priceless so we eliminate anything that is a “possible” threat.

Profit Over Privacy – The Real Driving Force Behind Open-Loop

Open Loop services may not monitor the security of communications properly or at all. They may lack that ability or neglect their responsibility to their clients for profit.

Many open loop providers see their clients as just numbers and value them only as dollars and cents in their company bank accounts rather than treating them as the people whose lives and livelihoods are on the line when they need to communicate securely.

They claim to offer total security but it is easy to see that it is really not in their interest to do what is necessary to deliver that. Open loop is a sales driven industry, it is a numbers game, the more clients they can gather the higher their earnings so they’ll do anything to acquire as many clients as possible but often neglect what is necessary to serve those clients properly and keep them.

This is the most basic and fundamental problem with open-loop communication. Since the primary goal is to gather as many clients as possible, operating an exclusive network that blocks unsecured communications does not appeal to open-loop providers. If they lose a client or a group of clients due to a security breach they simply move on and look to acquire new clients to replace them.

The Phantom Secure philosophy is to diligently serve an exclusive community of long-term clients through providing the total security of a closed loop network and we have never lost a single client due to security breach. We diligently adhere to this core philosophy and over 10 years in business our community of clients has grown steadily based on unrivaled privacy protection and the reputation of trust we have earned.

Renting Public Server Space On Unsecured Servers

In order to truly guarantee a fully secured service you have to own, monitor and understand all of its components, including the servers. In this industry the term “third party” should immediately raise a red flag.
Some providers don’t own and operate their own servers and therefore cannot monitor or guarantee their security. They rent server space to host their service from a “third party provider”. They have no control and are at the mercy of the provider who has no loyalty to them or their clients, which in the privacy industry makes absolutely no sense.

How can you claim to provide privacy if someone else is hosting your service? These servers may keep records of communications. You need to consider if any and all of the parties involved in securing your privacy are or can be influenced by outside parties to disclose things about you or your communication activities.
These services may monitor your device. Who is providing the service? How and why did they enter this industry? You need to know who you are dealing with and whether or not they can be trusted.

At Phantom Secure, we have built our business on the trust that we have earned over 10 years without disappointed a single client, without a single breach in security and without ever having compromised our core principal of total client anonymity. This is why thousands of our loyal clients around the world continue to rely on and benefit from our service.

The so-called secure open-loop services allow any and all users to communicate freely across various networks with various levels of encryption. So while you may be paying a premium for high-grade encryption other individuals using the same network communicate freely without the same level of security. So how is the network secured? And what is the point of paying more for high-end encryption if the network itself is not secure? How can one service provider guarantee you are safe when communicating with another service if they no idea what they do or better yet who they are? Once the message is sent from your device does it stay encrypted while in transmission? How are your encryption keys transmitted securely across this unsecured network to your intended recipient? Can they be intercepted along with you communication and combined to decrypt your message?

The bottom line is that on an open-loop network there are no guarantees.

“Pop-Up” Providers – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

A lot of opportunists are springing into the industry with only profit on their minds. These small-time, short-term start-ups often rent server space from their local cable company to host their “secure” service. If you value your privacy and you pay a premium for encrypted communications then I’m sure you expect more than this.

The problem is that many clients don’t understand what is truly required to guarantee security and these opportunists take advantage of that lack of understanding. After all one blackberry device looks just like any other from without but what is housed within is another matter altogether.

Don’t be fooled by fancy websites, bold claims and extravagant packaging. Do just a little research and you’ll discover that Phantom Secure is the most trusted, best-established provider worldwide with a spotless history extending back over a decade.

Resellers Who Don’t Understand What They Are Reselling

These inexperienced, untrained individuals deploy encryption via out-of-the-box instructions that they often do not understand. If a device is not set-up properly it is not securing your communications effectively, if at all. This is dangerous, as your encryption keys may not be generated, meaning that your messages are not being encrypted. With Phantom Secure that message will simply not send but with many open-loop networks there is no filter to alert you and prevent you from sending out a communication that is no better than a plain text email.

The best way to protect yourself is to ask questions, if the answers you get from your agent are fuzzy or don’t sound right, there’s a problem. Our ground agents are highly trained, knowledgeable and ready to answer any question about the service they stand behind and believe in.

Securing communications requires knowledge, experience and resources. We hire only top-level professional who constantly maintain, monitor and upgrade we our private network security.

Government Owned And Operated Networks That Store Everything

Many leading services cooperate with third parties such as government agencies like the NSA who pressure them into releasing private information about their clients’ and their corresponding activities. Know your networks and do your due diligence in selecting a service provider that is not legally obligated to cooperate with any third party including any government agency. At Phantom Ecrypt we have done our due diligence and continually invest in our global corporate structure to ensure that our company is not legally obligated to collect any client details.