Our Mission is to

Secure Your Privacy

Who we are

Protecting your right to private communication is the core of our business.

Our licensed Phantom Secure technology delivers an impenetrable barrier of security that guarantees your communications cannot be intercepted.

What we do

Phantom Secure has been delivering Military-Grade mobile encryption on the Blackberry device platform for over a decade, without a single breach in security.

We offer the only proven, PGP encrypted mobile email service that ensures total security and anonymity.

In the fall of 2016, we released our first Android OS encrypted phone on the Phantom Secure Network, protected by the latest AES and ECC encryption technologies.

Why choose Phantom Encrypt

Do you stand to suffer detrimental loss if your private communication data were to fall into the wrong hands?

Thousands of top-tier business people around the world trust and rely on our encrypted email service to secure their private communications.

Stop letting the government collect your private data.

Don’t settle for less than total peace of mind. Work with the leader in encrypted mobile communication technology.